The village of Gorsko Kosovo (in the region of Veliko Tarnovo) is a little village right next to the Alexandar Stamboliiski reservoir with a magnificent wild nature.

Our family estate located here is a place for different people that want to live, but not the usual way. It is for people that appreciate their own health and take care of it in the right way. It is for people that love nature and animals.

In this home there is no drinking of alcohol, smoking cigarettes and eating meat. We find joy and pleasure in playing with animals (which are in abundance here), in horse riding, walks in nature, picking herbs, yoga, exercising, vegan food, lovely and quiet music and soulful conversations that nourish the heart and mind with joy and wisdom.

Even they are rare now, family estates will become very soon the future of humanity and will lay the foundations for more and more eco villages.

The family estate has two renovated houses and one that awaits its renovation in the spring and summer of 2013.

One of the houses is wide, spacious and bright and completely renovated. It is functional since the summer of 2011. It has six bedrooms with two and three beds, large separated kitchen and a small hall for yoga or talks, that can be used as a common bedroom for eight people if there is a need.

The other house has 4 bedrooms and is also completely renovated and with preserved cultural style. It is functional since the summer of 2010.

Both houses have all the amenities needed for a comfortable and pleasant stay, including warm water. They are heated with handmade fireplaces and are in a 4 acres yard with a lot of flowers, trees and benches. There is also a playground in front of the yard with swings, climbs and other entertainments for children.

Our 4-person canoe is available for those who want to keep their muscles and breathing in a good condition.

There is a well stocked grocery shop in the village.

There is a working weaving machine in one of the houses on which our guests could weave beautiful and colorful canvases.

For the horse riding fanciers, there are 4 horses available for riding lessons and for those who just want to ride in the nature there are pleasant eco-pathways with amazing views of the reservoir and the gorgeous nature around it.

The place is very convenient for educational or yoga seminars, as well as many other kinds of courses.

For reservations: Hristo Raykov – tel. +359 878 740 290, and Janet Orphanou – tel. +359 878 741 292.

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