1. We believe that every human being can improve themselves through prudent use of natural methods of healing and development.

2. We believe that the qualities of individuals determine the quality of community and society, their efficiency, as well astheglobal efficiency of public institutions.

3. We believe that each person has a duty to himself, community, society as a whole and to the future of humanity and it is to self-awareness, self-improvement as aprimarylife task, to learn to team work and to live in harmony with others.

4. We believe that any achievement is directly proportional to the efforts made by each individual and working on self-improvement and self-awareness always brings happiness.

5. We believe that the best guidance in efforts to self-improvement is the study of natural laws and their implementation.

6. We believe that human thought and will, have tremendous power, and they must be consciously used in the service of good.That means in the service of those forces that lead nature to ever higher forms of being.

7. We strongly believe that progress is undoubted and the victory of beauty over ugliness, of truth over delusion, of good over selfishness and hatred is certain.

8. We believe that manifested love, brotherhood and team-work are the only effective methods of social progress and nothing real, beautiful and good can not be achieved by hatred, revenge, party divisions or oppression.

9. We believe that every sincere effort to move towards justice, tolerance, cooperation, altruism and unity gets all sorts of support and the opportunities to build a better future are numerous.

10. We believe that by strengthening the good, we gradually getting rid of evil.

11. We believe that TOGETHER we can do anything!

12. We believe that life should be simpler and everything in it – free to all.

13. We believe that all people who adopt those values ​​as their own and think in a similar way are our brothers and sisters, we are one family.

14. We believe that each of us must become the change we want to see in the world,change which we all dream about and that thetime for this change is NOW!

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