Green planet, clean and healthy. Fruit trees and pure spring water everywhere. Smiling, relaxed and happy people breathe fresh air of the surrounding nature. The food we eat is our own pure organic production. People, animals and plants live in harmony with each other. Animals come free to people,trust them completely.Because in this world there is no violence, all the people are brothers, helpingeach other with open hearts, caring for each other, respecting and supporting each other. Every one freely and gladly shares their talents and abilitieswith the others, and learn new skills from each other.

We create, sing, dance, have fun, work, learn, and enjoy lifeall together.

We spend quality time with our children by talking to them and listening to them, teach them and learn from them. We have created a beautiful, harmonious and supportive space to develop their natural abilities and skills, to improve and share with us the qualities, talents and knowledge they brought with them.

The aim is to know yourself and to know each other, to support and serve, to give with an open heart, because we know that others think about my needs and joys, as I think about theirs.

The aim is to constantly increase the quality of life in every possible way - personal, mutual, social, economic, ecological and creative throughenvironment friendly methods, respecting the entire ecosystem.

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