1. To realize our vision together because TOGETHER we are stronger.                                          

 2. To live sustainably. - To create conditions for a good and decent human life, because the sustainability of any community and society as a whole depends on the good standing of its members in every aspect - from emotional and social (to be accepted and appreciated) to economic aspect. - To live in a constant pursuit of producing organic food, to avoid the use of synthetic chemical products.

3. To join by creating a Unified Network of similar groups, communities and eco villages having same vision, throughout the country and Europe, for connection between us.

4. To develop virtues, to live together and in harmony with each other: respect, listening, tolerance, respect for different opinions, mutual assistance, solidarity, justice, ethics, ability to reasonable compromise, etc.

5. To live in harmony with nature. - To develop resource-friendly and nature-friendly technologies - In non-violence towards ourselves, others, animals and our environment.

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