Do we believe in some absolute truths?

We realise that we do not have a single and exclusive truth. Those, who profess rigid principles, no matter how great their philosophy is, they close the door for truth, for knowledge and for their own development. Diversity is an engine. Selfishness is the biggest mistake in life. But if we have a few words to define our principles, they would sound something like this: Justice (equality, honesty, diversity) Solidarity (mutual aid, cooperation, tolerance, altruism) Self-government (freedom, independence, direct/real democracy through general assemblies of people and consensus)

Do we have dogmas?

Yes, just one: never and for anything to have dogmas.

Which of the official religions do we recognise?

We respect and recognise any teaching, religion or philosophy that seek the welfare of people, constantly improve the quality of life of individuals, of community and of society as a whole.

What do we believe?

We believe that everyone are brothers and sisters, that Nature is our Mother, that Spirit, uplifting each of us is our Father and that our strength is in Uniting about human virtues.

How can such faith be organised?

According to us the best organisation is creation of communities and eco villages, which have to be merged into a national and then in a global network of alternative living. We believe that the best government is the one that manages the least, i.e. self-government. We equally reject all forms of dictatorship and chaos. Self-government, however, is possible in an environment of people with high morals and awareness, that’s why it is better to have more communication and sharing between us, more joy and fun, in order to know each other better, to help and support each other, to work together more harmoniously, with more understanding and patience. A great example of this is the Sunday folk dances organised in almost the entire country!

What is our action plan?

Let's leave aside everything that divides us: political, social, religious or philosophical differences. To unite all forces that support our common welfare, evolution and life through constant and continuous use of human virtues. In short: treat others how you expect to be treated. This is a fundamental principle in our community.

How can we achieve that?

Mutual acquaintance leads to mutual understanding. Mutual understanding leads to mutual cooperation. Cooperation leads to peace, which is the only way for mankind survival on this planet.

Do we believe in achieving happiness?

In striving to meet selfish desires and goals happiness is very difficult to achieve, but it is very easily and naturally experienced together, in mutual respect and assistance. Happiness is complete when experienced together and shared.

How can we improve society?

By improving yourself. We do not allow violence and lead a simple, natural, healthy and spiritual life. Then the collective exploitation on a large scale will gradually disappear as itsentirety depends on the individuals atoms which it is built from.

By joining the needs of physical survival of every living being. One very real tool for having it in our lives, at this particular moment, is the introduction of the project UBI - Unconditional Basic Income for every adult Bulgarian. More information on this vital issue for Bulgarians can be found on the website:

We strongly urge anyone awake citizen to become familiar with this humane project.

Is our goal applicable in the 21st century?

In constantly rising inflation and recession, global economic crisis and collapse of the neoliberal economy, we deeply believe that Uniting about moral and ethical Values ​​and Virtues brings extremely valuable and timely gifts for this age where it is so difficult to find your way. Today, more than ever, we need an enlightened practical idealism or in other words: spiritual pragmatism. Life in community is the most supportive environment for it.

Do we believe in freedom?

Absolutely, as long as the freedom of some does not limit the freedom of others.

How can we expresse everything said above with short, simple words, so that even a child can understand it?

In our society we develop virtues:

1. We respect each other

2. We listen to each other

3. We help each other

4. We learn, work, share and create

5. We play and have fun

6. We are efficient and active citizens, we defend Well-being, we are a team

7. We respect the partnership, develop ethics and awareness

8. We are conscious for our thoughts, words and deeds

9. We do not take anything personally and therefore we do not get offended

10. We do not assume, we ask

11. We give the best of ourselves

12. We dream BRAVELY



Evil exists becauseGood is keeping quiet. So let's be active citizens and get interconnected for active actions.

We are strong together!

Together we can do anything!

Let us unite to accept Well being as a natural and deserved way of life!

It is time for change! It is time for well-being for everyone!

And that time is NOW!

There is no greater power than the power of an idea whose time has come.

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