Dear spiritual friends!

More and more people have a desire to start a life outside the city, they create groups and look for suitable land and sustainable ways of living. Leaving the city and changing the way of life is something very romantic but also very responsible. Most of us realize it and that’s why this step is so difficult to make. It is not enough to try to live ecologically in the city if you want sustainable life. But starting a life in a village is not enough for sustainable life either. All of us are challenged by many questions:

Whether or not we would like the different lifestyle and would we be able to cope with it?

Is it difficult or easy?

Does it worth to try?

What problems will we face and what decisions could we take?

Is it expensive to live that way and how much money will we need?

Can we produce our food or it is too difficult for us?

Can we live without our city comforts or just without a few of them?

What could we miss and could we replace it with something else?

How will we solve the questions about our children’s education and their healthcare?

And the most important: Would we be happy or this is just a fictional romantic dream?

For a confirmation of what we mentioned above, we invite the interested people to visit our family estate where we can try to make the things TOGETHER: to grow our children, our food, our peace within and the harmony between us. We would like to share with you our experience and to learn from yours. This could not happen for the time of a seminar or a lecture and that is why we invite you to come here for as long as you decide.

Every man is a universe with different expectations and dreams. Each one of us is unique. Each one of us goes through the difficult and joyful moments differently. A problem for one could be a decision for another. We believe that only personal experience can give us the answers of our questions and we know the answers are many and different. That is the reason we decided to give a chance to the ones interested to answer the above questions on their own.

The idea is:

Forming a community of people with mutual ideas and vision for alternative and sustainable way of life.

Giving a chance to everybody that wants to start living different from the familiar city life.

The goal is:

Life in a community and fellowship.

Life with more love and mutual help and less egoism, arrogance and laisyness.

Life where our children live happily with their parents.

What we offer is?

All of us can use the whole base, including the land.

You can make your own garden and grow quality food.

You can accommodate here with your tent, caravan or in one of our houses. You can find more details about the choices of setting up on our web-site.

We could build together a bread oven and bake handmade bread, which we bake now in a basic electrical oven.

You could help us for a few hours daily as a volunteer or we could make another agreement.


Because we know that every human being is born with right of love and happiness.

Because we believe that every human has the right to answer on his own the questions mentioned above.

Because we would like to exchange the acquired experiences and we can afford to give some land for the project.

And because…

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead


We grow quality food.

We meet the sun daily, we do yoga, we ride horses and talk about the eternal questions related to the meaning of the human life on our wonderful planet. During the summer months we swim in the reservoir, we row the canoe and light evening fires outside.

We deal with the constructions, the gardens, raising and educating children.

We make decisions together in a fair way.

We take care of the nature and our environment.

We live consciously with love in our hearts.

Who are we?

We are the children of the angry generation that screams “Stop” in almost every country. We are the children, who see the unhappiness of our parents, who leave behind only credits and debts although they have worked all their lives without a rest. We are those who want to give pure food to their children, pure knowledge and love towards the nature and the people.

We decided to love and not to hate!

We decided to create and not to destroy!

We are NOT a sect. We don’t have a guru, a leader, a teacher, a mentor or a chief. We don’t have a church or a temple. We don’t have any defined prayers or rituals. We accept people from all religions and we don’t differentiate people by ethnical group or social status. We are not engaged politically. We are vegans (we don’t consume any animal products) and we accept everybody who is ready to try eating this way.

The rules?

We would not tolerate any manifestation of racism, discrimination, religious or another differentiation.

Here are not allowed alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and meat. If you use at the moment one of those mentioned but you want to quit, you can contact us to discuss it and be welcome.

We listen to loud music only when we celebrate together by singing, dancing and playing musical instruents.

We would like the use of cars to be reduced as much as possible. We have horses and wagons, which we can use for transportation of people and provisions.

We count on positive thinking and willingness of solving problems consciously and attentively.

It is also important to respect our neighbors and their territory.

What will lead us?

The Mind and Love.

The willingness for real change.

Pure thoughts in our actions.

Fair way of taking decisions.

Our faith that we can deal with all challenges and the ability to transform the problems into solutions.

How will we find the financial and other resources we need?

We know that TOGETHER we can find solution to this problem, because TOGETHER WE CAN DO ANYTHING!

The togetherness reduces the need for everybody to invest a lot of money in to this project of personal and social transformation.

In summary:

We are building a group of people for putting down an old dysfunctional system followed by a construction of a New life in harmony with Nature.

Our goal is to create a strong and stable core of people, which then to grow into an eco–village.

Our doors are open to everybody that wants to live in a different way, with an open heart full of Love.

You are welcome!

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