Family is the smallest cell in society. Whatever we want to change in this world, the change always comes from the man himself – his beliefs, his principles and priorities, all which form mainly in the family environment.

Learning of friendly and good attitude towards the rest of the family members while we are still children will help us to build strong families of our own with loving relationships with our partners, children and parents.

And all starts in childhood.

The work of school as an institution often comes down to teaching the child how to write and count and giving it knowledge about the worldbut to grow strong, physically and mentally, the child needs to know the following:

-         How to eat healthily

-         How to live in harmony with nature

-         How to grow “living food” with her/his own hands and energy

-         How to live in harmony with animals and take care of them properly

-         How to develop his/her body doing interesting and beneficial activities like swimming, rowing canoe, horse riding, yoga, making and maintaining eco paths in the nature, working with farming tools and many others

-         How to create things with his/her own hands – to weave, to draw with pyrograph, to knit, to make a bench somewhere in the nature or a small wooden chair, to make something out of clay, to build with eco – materials and many others

-         How to learn to breathe slowly and deeply, so the lung capacity can be increased, to fill the body with oxygen, which will improve the immune system – the best doctor

-         How to learn to maintain strong and flexible muscles and straight back with easy and enjoyable exercises

-         How to learn to communicate peacefully, with understanding, kindness and respect to the others around

-         How to rediscover and keep old traditions like archery – for an accurate eye and assessment in life, horse riding – for balance and synchrony between the body and mind, rowing and swimming – rapid reactions, balance and contact with the water, singing songs around the burning fire outside, dancing and many others

-         And last but not least important – to get to know and learn how to work with the four elementsthat make not only the human body but the whole planet - earth, air, fire and water

It is not possible to write everything that a man learns when lives close to nature and listens to its wisdom because the best possible teacher it’s exactly THE NATURE – the earth that feeds us, the forest that gives us oxygen, the water that purifies us and is 70% of our body, the sun that charges us with energy and endorphins and the clean fresh air of the village that still remains clear of the products of the civilization.

Both of us had been looking for long time all over the country for such a place that has in it all four elements – nice fertile soil, close to a river or a reservoir, fresh air, far from the pollution in the big cities, sunny place surrounded by beautiful nature.

We found such a place in the region of Veliko Tarnovo, very close to the city of Suhindol. This place is a village called Gorsko Kosovo and is right next to the “Alexandar Stamboliiski” reservoir.

In this little village, on the territory of 4 acres, we built two houses with all amenities like toilets and baths inside, warm water with solar heating system, separate bedrooms and a big dining room. Here we created a place for children that live in the cities with parents working hard for the financial stability of their families and not having much time to take them often in nature and talk to them about these so important subjects:

  • Healthy habits and hygiene
  • Correct way of eating
  • Importance of physical activity in our lives
  • Effects of correct and deep breathing
  • Respect towards the other people, however different they are from us
  • Relationships inside the family and the responsibilities of every member
  • Learning good habits and how to be more independent

More information and details about the place, location, our yards, houses and the amenities inside them can be seen on our web-site

Everybody deserves a second chance!

Everybody deserves a good start!

To be wealthy is not enough – money can take you up, but they can also bring you down if you haven’t built strong family values before earning them!

Dear parents, if you work all day long and you don’t know whether your child wanders the streets or if it is in a bad environment, then you can bring them here or come with them. We have put a lot of effort to create this place for our and your children, who are welcome and will be taught equally to our own children.  

People from all ethnical groups and religions are welcome with the understanding of the principles of the place – only vegetarian food and no use of alcohol, cigarettes or any drugs.

The question about the finances is probably also important.

First thing we would like to say about it is that this is NOT created with business purposes. Our desire is this to be beneficial for all – children, parents and the whole society and to contribute to more children smiles and joy, more good and knowing young people with open hearts and minds.

To help a person to become good and honest is a priceless contribution to the society. That is why we have put a symbolic price of 10 lv. that includes:

  • Three meals
  • Overnight stay
  • Learning personal and sanitary habits
  • Teaching farming, gardening and cookery
  • Teaching carpentry
  • Getting familiar with basic herbs and teas

We also offer:

  • Horse riding
  • Swimming
  • Rowing canoe
  • Yoga
  • Archery
  • Weaving
  • And many other activities

Currently we accept children mainly during vacation times but we can take care also of children, whose parents travel often or leave the country for longer periods.

We are open to your ideas and suggestions about the happy future of our children – the most precious in our lives!


Hristo Raykov and

Janet Orphanou – author of “ The seventh direction”

Gorsko Kosovo

Tel. 0878 740 290

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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