Choices of overnight stay in the eco-villige “JOY”

  1. Overnight stay with vegan food - 3 meals, horse riding, yoga by desire and walks – €20 per person.
  2. Overnight stay with vegan food – 3 meals – €15 per person and €10 per a child..
  3. Overnight stay and food with 3-4 hours labor in some of the projects – €10 per person.
  4. Overnight stay and food in exchange of equal labor to the rest of the permanently living in the estate – €5.
  5. Offering accommodation for children from abroad – €15. Discount for stays over 7 nights.

Note: The kitchens are fully equipped and stocked with products for vegeterian and vegan diet. Everybody chooses to prepare the food on his/her own or with the others.

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